As FANTASİA HOTEL DE LUXE KUŞADASI – HALUK ULUSOY TURİZM VE OTELCİLİK İŞLETMELERİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ ( ‘’ FANTASİA HOTEL ‘’ ) we care about ensuring the security of your personal data. Your personal data is processed, maintained, and protected in accordance with the basic principles and processing conditions in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 by FANTASİA HOTEL Personal Data Protection Act Article 10 requires the data managers to disclose the relevant persons whose data is processed and we would like to inform you about the purposes for which your personal data is processed, to whom the personal data may be transferred, the method and legal reasons for the collection of the data and the rights of the person concerned in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act Article 11.


According to Personal Data Protection Act, personal data processing conditions are determined One of the conditions set out is that personal data processing activity is clearly stipulated in the law. In accordance with Article 2 of the law on identification, it is expressly stipulated in the law for FANTASİA HOTEL to report identity information to the authorized institution and institution.


Article 2 – Hotel, Motel, Inn, B & B, single rooms, rented houses, camps, camping, resorts, and so forth, private or official accommodation places and private health care institutions, rest and nursing homes, social facilities, religious and other charitable organizations’ responsible operators in these places, free or paid, day or night, showing a place to sleep to domestic or foreign persons’ identity and arrival records, it is a obligation to keep the records on the day of the day by example and duly, to have them ready for review by the general law enforcement agencies at any time, and to give them to the State Statistical Institute at their request.


If The Old Identity Owner   : Photo of the real person, Turkish Republic ID Number (TRIN), surname, name, father’s name, mother’s name, place and date of birth, blood type, registered Provincial/District, neighborhood, Village given date, given reason and  place of issue, information of registration number are processed by FANTASİA HOTEL in accordance with Identification Law.


The New Identity Owner : Photo of the real person, Turkish Republic ID Number (TRIN), surname, name, date of birth, gender, serial number, nationality, date of expiration, father’s name, mother’s name, information of issuing authority are processed by FANTASİA HOTEL in accordance with Identification Law.


In addition, your arrival – departure records are also processed by FANTASİA HOTEL in accordance with the Identification Law.





Article 3 sub-article 1 clause (ı) of Personal Data Protection Act identifies data controller as “real or legal persons who determine the purposes and means of processing personal data and is responsible for the establishment and management of the data recording system” and in this context, FANTASİA HOTEL bears the title of data controller.



ADRESS       :    Yavansu Mahallesi Süleyman Demirel Bulv. No:156 Kuşadası,     Aydın, TÜRKİYE

PHONE     :    +90 256 622 05 50

FAX               :    +90 256 622 07 65

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Your personal data is provided by FANTASIA HOTEL’s security facility and FANTASİA HOTEL to visitors, while benefiting from accommodation, social activities and internet access facilities, your personal data, the execution of the operational activities of our hotel, the management of access records, the implementation of our regulatory obligations in order to fulfill our obligations in accordance with the 5th Amendment of The Law no. 6698. and 6. the terms of processing of the personal data specified in the articles and the identification law no. 1774 may be limited to the purpose of reporting your information to the authorities.




  • Providing hotel management services operated by the FANTASIA HOTEL and providing services such as reservation, entrance, and accommodation, 
  • Make your payment transactions,
  • Follow-up and management of customer demands and complaints,
  • Carrying out the works to be included in the scope of customer satisfaction,
  • Carrying out the necessary business and operational processes in order to benefit from the products and services offered by FANTASIA HOTEL ,
  • Planning and execution of the contract, follow-up of financial and accounting affairs, customer relationship management and customer satisfaction activities processes,
  • Ensuring the legal, technical, and commercial occupational safety of the persons in business relationship,
  • Follow-up of contract processes and customer demands and complaints, planning and execution of transfer processes, planning of information security processes, creating, and managing the infrastructure, supervision, and enforcement






  • Fulfillment of commercial activities carried out by FANTASİA HOTEL in accordance with legislation and FANTASİA HOTEL’ policies,
  • Carrying out necessary works by FANTASİA HOTEL’ business units and carrying out activities in this direction,
  • Design and execution of human resources activities of FANTASİA HOTEL
  • Support to the design, planning and execution of the FANTASİA HOTEL ‘ human resources activities,
  • Ensuring the commercial and legal security of natural persons who have business relations with the FANTASİA HOTEL,
  • Determination, planning and implementation of the FANTASİA HOTEL’ commercial policies in the short, medium, and long term,


    1. FANTASİA HOTEL products and services to be offered to customers, fulfillment of our obligations,


  • Organizing records and documents, complying with information retention, reporting, information, tax, and other obligations stipulated by local and international legal legislation,


    1. Performing operations such as advertising and marketing, customer portfolio management, measurement and development of service quality, communication, optimization, audit, risk management and control, promotion, analysis, determining interests, scoring, profiling, marketing, sales, advertising, communication, etc.,


  • To measure and increase customer satisfaction, to receive your opinions and suggestions about complaint management, new services and products, to receive your problem-error notifications, to consider the right to appeal and to inform you about other products and services, complaints and requests,
  • Using special telephone services to call people who stay in the FANTASİA HOTEL DE LUXE in case of serious events (such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, social health issues etc.) affecting the hotel or for the purpose of conducting the service relationship,


    1. Providing logistics cooperation with third parties and providing product delivery, products and services that may interest you


  • To inform you of any changes to our terms of service and in our electronic services,
  • To provide you with special advertising, campaigns, benefits and other benefits for sales and marketing activities to improve the quality of services and products,
  • Managing your hotel stay: Monitoring your service usage (phone, bar, pay TV, etc.), managing access to rooms, internal management of lists for customers who engage inappropriately during their stay at the hotel (non-compliance with hotel agreement, non-compliance with security arrangements, theft, etc.).
  • To comply with the information retention prescribed by official institutions,, reporting, information obligations stipulated by the authorities, to fulfill the requirements of contracts and to perform the legal obligations subject to by FANTASIA HOTEL in relation to the use of these services,
  • Reviewing, evaluating, and responding to requests from government or you.







Purpose of Transfer

In sharing your personal data, the regulations in Articles 8 and 9 of the personal data protection act are followed and all technical and administrative measures are taken to ensure data security during and after the sharing process.

Data transfer abroad will only be carried out within the framework of the limits drawn by the personal data protection act and the relevant legislation if it is necessary for the execution of the service activity.


  1. With the purpose of legitimate interest of data controller as FANTASİA HOTEL
  2. With the purpose of carrying out the data controller FANTASİA HOTEL’ labor activities,
  3. With the purpose of executing the human resources policy of the data controller,
  4. With the purpose of performance of the hotel reservation / accommodation contract,
  5. Due to the clearly stipulated in the laws,
  6. In order to carry out operations, activities and procedures of , FANTASIA HOTEL can be carried out
  7. Execution of customer relations and follow-up of corporate management activities,
  8. Including sales-related billing; with the purpose of executing financial, accounting, financial transactions, and risk management,
  9. In line with the requests and inspections of regulatory and supervisory agencies and official authorities, as well as to obtain the necessary information and approvals from the authorities that will examine the relevant applications,
  10. With the purpose of emergency medical interventions.


Data transfer will be made in domestic and foreign in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.


People To Whom It Transferred

Your personal data may be shared with our shareholders, business partners, subsidiaries, judges and subsidiaries abroad, the airline you will travel to, and, if necessary, the visa-required institutions, government agencies and government authorities for the purposes listed above.

Your personal data may be shared with third-party companies that are located at domestic or abroad and receive service / support / advice from FANTASIA HOTEL, provided that it is only necessary to fulfill the purposes of processing the above-mentioned personal data, and provided that the necessary security measures are taken to protect your personal data.


Within the scope of the above-mentioned purposes by FANTASİA HOTEL;


  1. For the performance of the hotel reservation / accommodation contract, with the business partners in the country and abroad, and with the third-party companies and agencies / agencies from which FANTASİA HOTEL has received services, support, and consultancy,
  2. In order to fulfill our legal obligations arising from the relevant legislation, with the General Directorate of Police,
  3. Notarity, enforcement agencies and/or courts if required for the purpose of conducting financial and/or accounting works within the scope of collection of fees relating to products and services
  4. In order to fulfill legal obligations pursuant to the relevant legislation, if necessary or in case of demand,
  5. With the contracted cargo company to deliver the left and forgotten items at the hotel,
  6. In order to keep track of the legal processes, it can be shared with our lawyers as much as necessary within the framework of the secret confidentiality obligation.
  7. Storage, reporting, informational obligations stipulated by the legislation and the relevant authorities compliance; to offer the products and services requested, to implement our corporate governance policies, to verify user identities, to improve system performance, the call centers may be shared with software companies regarding the purpose of processing as set out above.






Your personal data is basically in accordance with applicable legislation; Our company, our partners, group companies, affiliates, dealers, agents, our solution partners, such as channels that we cooperate or have contract relations, such as providing better quality service through oral, written or electronic media, or the establishment or performance of the contract and the legitimate interest of FANTASIA HOTEL are collected on the basis of legal reasons.

Filling out forms by the contact person, sending e-mail messages, contacting by phone call, visiting the website, speaking or oral and communicating via social media platforms, sharing business cards during online sales platforms, tourism agencies, organization firms, fairer seminar visits, personal data collection methods belonging to FANTASIA HOTEL through solution partner institutions or organizations.



  • Through online services such as our website and contracted websites: When you book or purchase products and services other than us, when you contact us from online messaging services, when you inform us of your possible specific requests or preferences, when you sign up for a newsletter, survey, contest or promotional offer.




  • All kinds of verbal and written information shared through the physical environment and customer service: For example, when you visit one of our facilities, request to take advantage of our services, notify us of your preferences, book by phone, or reach customer service, we may collect Personal Information from you offline.




  • From other sources such as our business partners, suppliers, and travel agencies: We may receive your Personal Information from other sources such as joint marketing partners and third parties. These may include information from your travel agency, airline company, credit card, and other partners.



  1. Other channels that may be established/may occur through our social media accounts; Fantasia Hotel is required by the legal legislation to be directly relevant to the establishment or performance of the contract for the purposes set out above within the framework of legal legislation, and to fulfill our legal obligation and to comply with the Law 5. are collected within the other exceptions listed in the article.



  • To find out whether your personal data has been processed, to request information regarding the processing,


    1. To find out the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used according to their purpose,,


  • To know the third parties to whom personal data are transferred domestically or abroad,
  • Request that your personal data be corrected if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed, and if you exercise this right, please ask that your personal data be notified to third parties to which your personal data is transferred,
  • Request that your personal data be deleted or destroyed if the reasons for processing your personal data are eliminated, and if you exercise this right, please ask that your personal data be notified to third parties to which your personal data is transferred,,


    1. Objecting to the occurrence of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,


  • You have the right to claim damages if personal data is damaged due to illegal processing.



You can use your requests and applications regarding the implementation of the Law by filling out the Personal Data Protection Act Data Owner Application Form at the address or by filling out the APPLICATION PROCEDURES AND PRINCIPLES OF THE DATA CONTROLLER..